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Short essay about public transportation

short essay about public transportation

gas that they have to fill the tank. Firstly, it is clear that the existence of public transportations will automatically reduce traffic problems. However, as far as I am concerned, I firmly agree that public transport service should be our main mean of transportation. "Not having to find a place to park" is relevant, but this is only in the last sentence. State there are more pros than cons to such a policy (there is only one disadvantage but two advantages). Several places need to be visited and more key actors need to be interviewed. Although public transportations have some weaknesses, I do believe that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks. The name is a shortened version of omnibus, which means "for everyone". Another aspect is the accident risk. The objective of UPT-nkra may different based on the phase of its implementation.

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The main terminal is located in front of Wawasan Plaza Building where the urban and suburban buses pick and drop their passenger all over again. Regulating all matters pertaining land vehicles such as train, bus and taxi services as well as road and rail-based freight transport. Public Transportation Construction Essay Internet. The findings also will offer valuable information to public users as they will get cleared pictures and more understanding about the policy progress and how to improve the public bus transportation in Kota Kinabalu. The question, as ever, the first step is to analyse the question and consider what it is asking you to do the task. Of course there is the option to partly agree and to look at some benefits and drawbacks. This sets out the map of the essay one disadvantage and two advantage paras. One has to make sure that he/she has the timetable of public buses or trains. So if we use bus or train for roaming then we can fulfil our part to decrease the environmental pollutions. Secondly, if the utilisation of public transportations increased, it means that there will be a reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels. Thus, it creates difficulty to the researchers to find convincing and strong statement to support the findings.