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Essays about money making

essays about money making

success in our lives. If you are a scientist, the success in your life will mostly depend on your researches. In conclusion, the measurement of success in your live can be many things. The more money you have the more respected you are. They dream of expensive cars and luxurious mansions. Money is the most important thing in life. This will help with their mathematics and will encourage them to save money. But it becomes "the root of all evil" when it makes people take bribes, betray their partners or commit crimes. But statuses can also be inherited through family. Thousands of years ago when humans were still a cavemen, it might have been how big you cave was. I strongly feel that if you are not afraid of difficulties, if you are hard-working, energetic and persistent, the Internet business will help you become richer.

For example, a teacher has a positive societal image which increases his status but may earn little money, which simultaneously decreases. In addition, as times change, the measurement of success in life also changes. However, there are people whose desire to own things predominates over all other feelings.

Sometimes money can even buy a life. If you are an athlete, your success can be measured by lots of things such as buy term papers essays wining tournaments, breaking records, playing in the top league or competing in the Olympics. It is also dangerous. In my opinion, the life of rich people is not only luxurious. Some people think that we live in the world where almost everything can be bought and sold. If it is your dream, you have already succeeded in your life. This concept helps to build a structure of society, divide it into Like. In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that money should not be placed too much importance on, as it is definitely not the main thing in life. But sometimes people attach too much importance to their possessions. So it does not matter that you have won the world championships or just the tournament in your school, working in the biggest company in the country or just set up your small company.

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essays about money making

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