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One page essay on why consumers buy online

one page essay on why consumers buy online

to find out which kind of consumer prefers which types of brands and products. Do You Need a Brand? But what are the reasons why marketers should know about consumer buying visit to an hill station essay behaviour? This is the case when the company produces, for example, high-tech products, which need a lot of explanation and service for the customer. The family plays a big role for buying decisions, because there are a lot of different interests. But in all other cases all the products sold to a consumer market are first sold to a reseller. That seems to be very good for those both companies, but most reciprocal agreements threaten competition and that is why most of them are illegal.

one page essay on why consumers buy online

For example, if somebody needs a car to get to work and one day the car stops working. Successfully branded products make more money for their companies by commanding premium prices. The five psychological influences on consumer behaviour are: Perception Perception is the process of selecting, organising and interpreting information inputs to produce meaning. But if the consumer is not satisfied by the product he will switch to a different brand. Negotiation: The buyer describes exactly what kind of product he needs and asks sellers to submit their offer. So basically the answer to this question is that the reason why consumers buy an ice cream depend of some variable factors that I will try to explain here. Because learning may change a persons buying behaviour by gaining new information and experience. Likewise people have attitudes towards companies and their products, so the aim for the companies marketing-strategy should be to give the customer a good feeling about the company an her products.