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Are our zoos cruel to wild animals essay

are our zoos cruel to wild animals essay

criticize about the cruelness of keeping wild animals in zoos. The birds, who rule the sky cannot even get a glimpse. At the Virgina zoo 10 prairie dogs died when their tunnel collapsed, a rhino drowned in the moat of her exhibit and a zebra died after running into a fence and breaking her neck after receiving a rabies shot. Each specie of animals has a unique skill, which they develop in their life span and other species may not have them. 'Humans' is the best choice. A human being can never learn anything about a wild animals observing it in a state that their behavior is controlled and depressed. They are living-organisms, we see around us everyday and like we humans, they respire, they eat, they move and try to survive in this world. Therefore, it is an off topic essay and you would get 4 band score for task response and coherence ( tangential). The Minnesota petting zoo farm sells their animals off to livestock auctions once the babies grow up and lose their appeal to the public. Kinapak ate a black garbage bag and a rat bait block.

Are our zoos cruel to wild animal? Ielts: Are our zoos cruel to wild animals? Are, zoos, cruel to, wild, animals? Essay - 1049 Words

Are our zoo cruel to wild animals?
Are our zoos cruel to wild animals?
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Are our zoos cruel to Wild Animals?

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Can a cheetah run if he can walk only in a small area? Secondly, its very daunting for people to take out time for this. Need an article or use plural. Tatiana, a Siberian tiger, escaped her enclosure at the my eighth grade goals essay San Francisco zoo in 2007 and was shot and killed after she 'naturally' killed someone and injured two others. In this case, the preys are at advantage but the predators are at loss. A zoo can never be thought of as educational. But there are some advantages too, which animals get as a reward for being in a zoo. These are just two of the unfortunate species of animals, who have forgotten, how to live life because of being forced to spend their rest of their life in a jail known as zoo. First of all, we must know that it is 3,human who pollutes the environment most.

This IS THE ultimate disrespect OF THE species. This has a negative impact on the whole earth as a biome. For me, the answer is. On the other hand, zoos are not entirely perfect for wild animals. Can a crocodile or alligator use his jaws to attack a prey if he doesnt has any? Therefore, we can say that zoos are cruel to wild animals. People have always wanted to see these beautiful things in real, which nature has created. Subject-verb agreement - humans who pollute 5, we could ( need the same subject ' we build factories so that we could create' OR ' people build factories so that they could 6, smoke damage the ozone layer ( it is not just 'damaging' but.