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Fiber optics extended essay

fiber optics extended essay

gain up to 30 db and that means it outs 1000 photon for each 1 photon. Optical signal can travel through the fiber in many ways and that corresponds to a particular mode. Generally a guided fiber optic communication systems consist of importance of waste management essay an optical transmitter to change an electrical signal to an optical signal for transmission through inside the optical fiber, a cable has several bundles of optical fibers, optical amplifiers to amplify the power of the optical. After all, the cabling can cover a distance of up to 100Km, unlike LANs, which will generally be installed inside the building or across no more than a mile for connectivity. 4 of 4 magicians found this helpful.

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If installing fiber cabling via aerial, it must endure extreme temperatures and survive high winds. Figure.6: attenuation curve of silica based optical fiber. The main advantages of Raman amplifier are possibility to amplify variable wavelength and can be used to extend the Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers edfas and it is used with single mode fiber. In past before edfa deployment, individual wavelength through fiber had regenerated one time each 40 km long by using expensive electronic device and increased to km long when use more recent edfa system. It uses 20nm wavelength spacing and it is wider than dwdm and that is why cdwm is less costly than dwdm. To increase the benefits of fiber optic many technologies have been developed to get more network capacity, reliability, scalability and less cost and one of the first technological advances was the capability to carry multiple light channels through one fiber optic cable.

Fiber Optics Extended Sanders

fiber optics extended essay