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The impact of social media on students essay

the impact of social media on students essay

to Kaye and Johnson, users of the Web are more actively involved and engaged in using the Internet because of its interactivity. Photos are what makes social media social. Drury G (2008) Opinion piece: Social media: Should marketers engage and how can it be done effectively? For age the researcher has selected Age group (18-25 y) as young adults and (26-35 y) as adult students because sample comprises of university students only, for gender researcher has selected male and female respondents. Rashtchy S, Kessler AM, Bieber PJ, Shindler NH, Tzeng JC (2007) The user revolution: The new advertising ecosystem and the rise of the Internet as a mass medium.

The rationale behind this selection is the variety among the participants studying in these universities and the researcher was able to study the impact of Facebook advertisements on the behavior of university students including young adults (18-25 y) and adult students (26-35 y) as well. Mehta A (2000) Advertising Attitudes and Advertising Effectiveness. As table shows there was correlation found between adults exposure to Facebook and pre judgment for purchase (0.340;.000 sharing comments after purchase (0.240;.003 uncomfortable on ad information (0.215;.008 relying on ad information (0.176;.031 but there is no correlation was found between. The world is getting smaller, and through the use of technology such as social media, the way we deliver instruction is changing. Thus the hypothesis social media advertisements have more impact on attitude of adult people as compared to young adults has been supported. Petty RE, Cacioppo JT (1986) The elaboration likelihood model of persuasion. Keywords, social media advertising; Exposure; Attitude; Behavior.