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Persuasive essay on spending money

persuasive essay on spending money

this country. Boyd 2 years ago 0, thumbs up 0, thumbs down, comment. After all, it is only something which makes our life comfortable, while some other values such as family and health have no financial value. Ever since that day I would always watch over my money, making sure I saved enough for those new clothes or whatever else was important. As mentioned until now, various our contemporary technologies is punctiliously and at present derived from technologies created and used for area exploration. So I felt as though I would never run out. Moreover, life is full of unexpected emergencies which often take a significant financial toll on people. . They dont realize that one day we will be running this country. There are ways that we can control our money spending habits that I have learned to use.

However, some people believe that other things matter more than money does. In this world, money is everything. As a result, they devote all their time to earning money, and become obsessed with it to such an extent that they fail to enjoy life to the full.

I bought music, games, and some other useless junk that would only entertain me for about a week. Many people dont understand how important education. Through out the rest of the week I started spending my money. On the other hand, no one would argue that we depend on money. By putting them last we are setting up a corrupt government. The reason it is so hard is because the world is full of entertaining objects that appeal to everyone.

Long and Short, essay on, money in English for Children and Students

persuasive essay on spending money

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