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Marie antoinette essay thesis

marie antoinette essay thesis

improvements made in the revolution. Later that year (October 16, 1793 after being separated from the rest of her family, Marie was sentenced to death for treason and was guillotined in Paris. Sadly, she isnt remembered as a great queen or ruler, but rather because of the way her husband and she met their deaths on the guillotine when the French revolution began. Although most historians of the French Revolution assign the French queen Marie-Antoinette a minor role in bringing about that great event, a good case can be made for her importance if we look more deeply into her politics than most scholars have. Austria had been Frances most constant enemy for over two centuries, and it is not surprising that the alliance did not dispel deeply ingrained fears and resentments on both sides. Despite continuing fears of Austrian bad faith, Marie-Antoinettewho presented a young, pretty, fresh facewas immensely popular at first, especially since she allied herself politically with patriot forces struggling against the alleged corruption and despotism of the royal court. But once France entered into a revolutionary spiral in 1787, three factors virtually assured that she would become one of the ensuing Revolutions victims. This attempt to escape cost Marie and Louis their subjects support. She definitely wasnt innocent, but I dont know if anyone really deserves the guillotine.

Later, in the years following this momentous event, Marie and her husband had a daughter and two sons. Picture #5 - "Marie Antoinette" from:. Featured image credit: Marie Antoinette being taken to her Execution, 1794 by William Hamilton (1751-1801).

And the other two choices, "The guillotine was an effective instrument for instilling fear and conflict" and "The French Revolution started on Bastille Day, July 14, 1789 have nothing to do with the causes of the French Revolution, though the one about the guillotine arguably. The people of Paris had been calling for changes in government. They were forced to return to Paris and no one was happy to see them. In 1792, the monarchy was abolished. Another big thing that deteriorated the peoples like of her was her supposed involvement in the "Affair of the Diamond Necklace". 1998 "Marie Antoinette" (website) @ ml, February 14, 2000. For one thing, Marie-Antoinette was in reality no saint. But this image could not be sustained, especially after she became Queen in 1774.

marie antoinette essay thesis