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Electromagnetic engine research paper

electromagnetic engine research paper

high RF intensities can result in heating of biological tissue and an increase in body temperature. The FCC's policies on RF exposure and categorical exclusion can be found in Section.1307(b) of the FCC's Rules and Regulations 47 CFR.1307(b). One megahertz MHz equals one million cycles per second. However, studies are ongoing and key government agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continue to monitor the results of the latest scientific research on these topics. The electric field from a charge at rest is shown in Figure 1 for various locations in space. It appears that such interference is limited to older pacemakers, which may no longer be in use. . The wavelength is the distance covered by one complete cycle of the electromagnetic wave, while the frequency is the number of electromagnetic waves passing a given point in one second. The exposure guidelines are based on thresholds for known adverse effects, and they incorporate prudent margins of safety. Frequently asked questions about the safety of radiofrequency (RF) and microwave emissions from transmitters and facilities regulated by the FCC.

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They differ from each other only in the frequency at which their electric and magnetic fields oscillate. This means that the "whole-body" SAR is at a maximum under these conditions. OET maintains an index to these databases. Electromagnetic radiation consists of waves of electric and magnetic energy moving together (.e., radiating) through space at the speed of light. These materials amplify the magnetic field produced by the currents and thereby create more powerful fields. Antennas used for cellular and PCS transmissions are typically located on towers, water tanks or other elevated structures including rooftops and the sides of buildings. For example, the distribution of charges in conductors is generally unknown because the charges move freely within the conductor. Electromagnetic waves can be characterized by a wavelength and a frequency.

 In general, however, it is unlikely that a transmitting earth station antenna would routinely expose members of the public to potentially harmful levels of RF energy.  Biological effects that result from heating of tissue by RF energy are often referred to as "thermal" effects.  In 1971, osha issued a protection guide for exposure of workers to RF radiation.97. Abstracts of these papers are given in Chinese Paper Abstracts.  Entry points or search options in the various databases include frequency, state/county, latitude/longitude, call sign and licensee name.

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