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Essay on the invention of computers

essay on the invention of computers

Computers boosted up the development of science. Calculating, simulations, robots all of these help science. When we think about technology mostly the first thing that comes to my mind is the image of a computer.

The most beneficial part about the computer is that you are able to access the internet. Computers have almost countless benefits that aid us in several fields. Its probably true that by now, nearly 100 of productivity gains in any economy either result directly from implementing computers and related technology, or by altering practices or implementing new things that were enabled by work on computers.

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For example, you can use computers to play videogames, watch movies, listen to music and chat on the internet. Computer is essay on divorce in islam tool of communication, and tool of education that can save money and time. Today, computers just need 1 second to perform several hundred trillion mathematical operations. This raised awareness causing people to be more environmentally friendly. We can say that the computer is the best invention of man, but only when it is operated with human brain. The human brain can learn to understand anything. We will write a custom essay sample. Also, emotions are not capable in a computer. In fact, computer is the Most important Invention because they can display and let you manipulate save information, and it is used in almost all fields. It has been commonly said that the computer can never replace the human brain, as it is created by humans, but we cant ignore the fact that computer is much more capable than human brain. A machine that has done all this and more now exists in nearly every business in the United States.