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Higher history britain essays

higher history britain essays

having to walk around factories, etc asking for work. Higher history revision notes britain. In addition, as part of their overall award, pupils will write an extended essay on a question of their own choosing taken from any of the awakening themes essay three units of study undertaken. . How significant was the militant Suffragette campaign in helping women achieve the vote? Only poor children would get free school meals In 1911 less than 1/3 councils offered free meals. Some feared revolution would be next. @mrmarrhistory 6 Other countries influence Revolutions took place around the world, including Italian Revolutions (1848 Russian Revolution (1917) and American Civil War (1865) Other British Empire countries gave the vote to women.g. Charles Booth, a businessman, did not believe that extreme poverty existed in London. Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide!

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Unemployment was only 3 under Labour. No value for pupils who failed the exam links Free school meals and school medical inspections both played a role in improving the health of young people. Labour Exchanges Labour exchanges were introduced in 1909 to help people find work and get unemployment benefit. Political change Politics in Britain underwent huge change in these times. This forced employers to improve safety. Links: The Suffragists worked with the Labour Party on a Votes for all campaign, which may have influenced the Liberals decision to support voting reforms Arguments for influence Arguments against influence Campaign groups helped bring democratic issues to public attention Pressure groups brought public and. Most people now lived in towns and cities, essay lot en toeval and were employed in many of the new industries of the day, including factories, mines and shipyards. One hundred years later major changes had taken place, including all men and women over 21 being able to vote, the House of Lords having less power and the growth of new political parties and movements.