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My blogging experience essays

my blogging experience essays

wither away without asking what would be lost. The best option to have in there, in my opinion, is just the post name. The phrase original content means so much more than just blog posts nowadays. A useful comparison would be to medical doctors: when patients can look up a drug on the Internet, research a course of treatment or connect with others who have the same condition, the authority of the doctor does not disappear. Rating:.5 / 10 m WordPress is one of the most popular free blogging platforms on the Internet. Best Practises to Create Posts There is no minimum word count for posts, but Medium suggests that content over 400 words are popular. But you also want to make sure that the content that you are producing is different in some way.

Im hoping we can come up with a nice sized list to help out all the newcomers. Give and then get later.

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Then Ill post something that I thought was totally stupid and almost didnt post, and suddenly its sending thousands of visits to my blog. . It is also one of the blogging platforms that many bloggers grow out of once they learn more about blogging since it does not have any upgrade options. Some things you need to start doing: Tweeting big players Get to know the big players in your niche by casually building a rapport with them on Twitter. Since blogging is much more than writing or posting photos, finding the best platform for your needs is important. Its hard to fight for justice when you have to master he said, she said stories. BlueHost as they offer an easy WordPress installation process, reliable up time and excellent support. You can find a live blog of my presentation here. Podcasts iTunes is growing fast as people get better smart phones and spend more time plugged. Now have even one full-time reporter in Washington,.C. Many businesses and large corporations prefer this type of platform because it can give you flexibility with a wide range of content options.