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Summary-response essay

summary-response essay

back at the outline youve created and the author and audience information. Your original thesis may need some tweaking, based on what your sources have to say. She makes a point, and then delivers it neatly on a serving plate with source support and details. How does the conclusion look back to the introduction. And once a fish grabs on, that worm had better have some content to it or the fish will try to get rid. The take-away, if the party is over, was it a good party? The hook, how are you drawn into the article? Now the food comes to the table. Youll examine these points in detail, but youll only need to make brief responses to each in writing. Tugend does this effectively with her sources, and you can write effectively if you use your sources well. The main points are used as a standard to then provide the details and examples that are shown in the paragraphs of Tugends article.

Worthwhile Having carefully studied the authors own credibility and connection to audience, as well as her thesis, main points, perspective, and use of sources, you must finally determine whether or not the article adds significantly to your own understanding of the topic. The conclusion brings effective closure to the article. We can take this analogy only so far, because if youre a fish, youre caught and doomed to the frying pan. The Summary: A summary is a concise paraphrase of all the main ideas in an essay. What is the authors main purpose in writing this? Youll learn about the authors credibility, professional work, and publications. You start the conversation by posing your original idea. Then group them together and consider how youll make thesis binding dublin north use of them.

summary-response essay

Be sure you understand. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements. We will write a custom essay sample on Summary and Response Essay specifically for you. A summary is a collection of main points and major supporting details of a reading passage. As you write a summary, arrange the main points in approximately.