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Grapes of wrath essay tom joad

grapes of wrath essay tom joad

the functioning car because the sooner they get to California the sooner they will be earning money. His first thought when he found the gate unclosed was that his mother died. They were compelled to live in communal tents with other immigrants like them. The rest of the novel is just about the family doing what it can to survive from day to day. He tells her to take each day as it comes.

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This brings back Ma's confidence a strength to lead the family. The man explains that as soon as someone even talks of organizing he is arrested for stirring trouble. Toms transformation is not a sign of reckless surrender but of renewed hope to fight for right to dignified life. Casy takes the blame for Tom sacrificing himself much like Christ did for sinners. At the camp, a contractor and deputy unjustly try to arrest a man for insisting on a contract stating the wage. Each character has a unique personality that essentially develops into new qualities and attributes.